The Complete Beginners Guide to Getting a Six Pack – Part 3 – Exercise

Complete Beginners Guide to Getting a Six Pack Exercise

Welcome to PART 3 of our complete beginners guide to getting a six pack! In PART 1 we discussed diet and motivation and in PART 2 we told you about abdominal equipment, tools and machines you can use to sculpt your six pack.

In this part, we are going to share with you the ultimate ab workout routine, and later on, other helpful ab hacks to help you achieve your dream physique.

If you've been following our guide you already know how to eat healthily and which exercise machines and tools to use. Great job! You’re already halfway to your dream abs. But don’t be mistaken; the latter half of the journey is also the more difficult part of it. Not sure what we’re talking about? We are simply trying to say that it is actually time to work out! 

The Ultimate Ab Workout Routine

For the benefit of those who don’t have a gym membership and access to equipment, the abs workout routine that we are going to share today won’t need any gear. Just you and your determination. This just proves that anyone can attain that six-pack—no excuses. 

a man doing ab exercises

This ultimate ab workout routine would just take 10 minutes of your day. In this way, even those who are too busy can schedule this workout into their most hectic day. The secret here is to make a routine out of it. Let’s get started!

1. Flutter Kicks - 45 seconds

• Keep your abs contracted throughout the exercise

2. Reaching oblique crunch - 45 seconds

• You should feel your abs squeezing in to make sure that you’re doing it correctly.

3. Pilates side hip raise - 45 seconds

4. Pilates side hip raise (the other side) - 45 seconds

5. Russian twists - 45 seconds

• We know that it’s starting to get challenging, but don’t worry, we are already almost halfway through

6. Toe touch crunches - 45 seconds

• The higher you go to touch those toes, the more effective this exercise gets! Don’t forget to keep your abs nice and tight

7. Pilates leg pulls (facing down) - 45 seconds

• Be careful of your form. Keep that back and legs straight

8. Pilates leg pulls (facing up) - 45 seconds

• Again, be mindful of your form while you’re moving your legs

9. Pilates toe taps - 45 seconds

• Make sure that your legs are positioned at a nice 90°, and that your back is laid flat.

10. Knee tuck crunches - 45 seconds

• This is the last exercise. You can do this; we are almost there!

women doing ab exercises in a gym

And, that’s it! Once you feel that this workout is getting easier for you, then feel free to add repetitions as needed. What makes this workout great is that it serves as a nice foundation for you to build on. Plus, it gets you started working out the right away too, which is actually the most important thing in your abs journey—to just get started!

Other Helpful Ab Hacks

Finally, aside from working out, there are other things you can do to make your fitness journey a lot easier. We hope that these hacks work for you as much as it helped us with our fitness goals. Here are some of them:

1. Make a meal plan. Following a personalized meal plan is very important when it comes to incorporating a new diet into your life. This is because it helps you come up with a grocery list to stick to as well. Without a grocery list, you’ll simply gravitate to your usual unhealthy food choices the next time you go shopping.

2. Shop in health stores. Speaking of shopping, if there’s a way to do your shopping in a healthier store, then grab that opportunity! Otherwise, you can plan your shopping route by deliberately skipping the chips and sweets aisles. 

3. Prepare your meals ahead. You’re done shopping. Now it’s time to prepare those meals ahead of time. We’re human, and sometimes, we get lazy when it comes to preparing our meals. Unfortunately, during times like these, we resort to ordering fast food. More often than not, you can avoid fast food options by preparing your healthy meals in advance. In this way, when hunger comes, you already have something healthy ready to grab and eat. 

4. Share your journey with others. Make your goal public. Share your efforts on social media. This makes your project a little bit more concrete and official, which will help motivate you to push on. 

5. Surround yourself with inspiration. There will be down days—you have to accept that as early as now. In order to prepare for those days, surround yourself with inspiration. Change your screen backgrounds, follow fitness channels on social media, create an inspiration board—do whatever it takes to get you working on your body.

The Final Step

Now you know all about diet, motivation, equipment, exercises and useful hacks, you are well on your way to that dream six pack. The only thing left to do is read the final part of our complete guide to six pack abs, which you can find here.

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