Valor Fitness DE-5 Ab Machine Review

Valor Fitness DE-5 Ab Machine Review

Valor Fitness DE-5 Ab Machine: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Supports standard and Olympic plates
  • Adjustable seat pad
  • Adjustable chest pad

What We Don't Like

  • You need to spend extra for weight plates

Training your abs starts with nutrition and proceeds with determination. However, after you’ve got those two down, you might need a machine to help you out too.

Fitness machines aren’t always the way to go—some can limit your range of motion, thus limiting the muscle groups you can work on. In this article, we’ll present you with one machine that allows more freedom and can help you correct your posture.

Valor Fitness DE-5 Ab Machine Review

Valor Fitness DE-5 Plate Loaded Ab/Back Machine to Strengthen Lower Back and Core

The DE-5 is an ab and lower back fitness machine. It has adjustable settings to appeal to a wider range of users. The machine is quite small so it can be a perfect fit for a small apartment or a garage gym.

Who Is This Product For?

Why might you want to buy the DE-5? You will appreciate it if you don’t like complicated machines that take hours to assemble. If you want something that’s easy to put together and move, you just might like the Valor Fitness DE-5.

This product also caters to people that want to work on their abs and back muscles. If you want to own a versatile machine, this one may fit the bill.

The way the machine is put together also allows for big guys to use it while maintaining full range of motion. If you’re tall and athletic or just bigger than the average person, the DE-5 can support your body comfortably.

What’s Included?

The DE-5 looks a bit basic at first glance but that’s only because you can’t see all of its features. You’ll find the following in the package:

Assembly and instruction manual

  • Padded foot supports
  • 5” plate storage bag
  • Steel frame
  • Padded chest/back support

Weights are not included.

Overview of Features

Equipped with a 12-gauge steel frame, the DE-5 is one of the most stable and durable fitness machines in its price range. The high-quality seat pads offer great support for ab and lower back exercises.

The foot pads are made of rubber and they add to the stability while also protecting your flooring or your carpet.

The chest pad is adjustable and changing the pin allows you to switch between regular exercises and things like reverse crunches, for example. These help with lower back training.

Although it doesn’t come with weights, there is weight support should you want to get into more intense workout routines. It’s nice that it has the stability to support bigger individuals too.

There’s also a storage bag which you can use to store extra weights or the entire machine should you want to put it away.

How to Use

The DE-5 allows you to work on the following muscle groups:

  • Transverse abdominals
  • Internal obliques
  • External obliques
  • Lower back muscles

The range of motion that you can achieve on this machine is quite extensive. The chest pad allows 295 degrees of adjustment. The foot support is also adjustable (18.25” to 21.25”). While the machine is beginner-friendly, it suits advanced users just fine because it can offer an almost complete core workout.

Depending on your strength and what you want to achieve (gains, weight loss, conditioning, etc.), you can add weights and adjust the weight setting. You can also adjust the angle of the seat to alter the intensity of the workout. Adjusting all the angles (including the aforementioned chest pad and foot support) can give you 28 back and ab workout functions.

As with most home workout machines these days, the assembly is straightforward. The instructions are clear and you’ll find all the tools you need in the package.


Maybe the price of the DE-5 is a bit steep for you. You can check out classic sit up benches if that’s the case. The one we have in mind for an alternative is the FEIERDUN Ab Bench. This bench works for incline and decline exercises that target your abdominal muscles.

Besides the much lower cost, this bench also occupies less space. The gains are more limited as you can’t make use of weights, but then again, for conditioning you probably won’t need more than your bodyweight.

As an added bonus, the FEIERDUN Ab Bench can also be used for dumbbell exercises. If you want to work on your arms and your chest too, this investment would kill three birds with one stone.


The Valor Fitness DE-5 is an interesting piece of fitness equipment. The machine allows you to work on your abs and your lower back with just a few adjustments. You can create an intense workout routine by adding weight plates.

The DE-5 is very useful for intermediate and advanced users but it can also help beginners. It’s comfortable and helps with maintaining and correcting your posture when you’re working on it.

If you want to make progress, doing a few correct reps is better than doing a lot of wrong reps. The DE-5 can help you with that.

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